Newspapers can be enormously helpful in understanding what life was like in the past, even if our ancestors’ names are not specifically mentioned. The State Library of New South Wales lists the following historical newspapers for Fiji:

Fiji Times 1896-1918 and 1956-present

Fiji Times and Western Pacific Herald 1918

Fiji Times and Herald 1918-1956

Fiji Times Almanac 1918-1956

The Fiji Times: Australian Monthly Edition 1994-

Nai lalakai 1962-

South Seas Weekly 1924-1947

Western Pacific Herald 1901-1935

Fiji Colonist and Levuka Gazette 1897-1897

Polynesian Gazette 1895-

Not all issues of each title are available in the library.

Fiji Times

The first newspaper in Fiji was the Fiji Times, first published on Saturday September 4th, 1869 in Levuka. It was originally published weekly, then twice-weekly, and is now a daily newspaper.

Early issues of the Fiji Times has been microfilmed and is available at the State Library of New South Wales and probably other libraries. The image at the top was obtained from this collection.

Online newspapers

Many other newspapers are now published in Fiji. The following list has been obtained

Their archives may not go back very far.