Fijian savages in Sydney, 1847

Apparently the Fijian natives who were brought to Sydney in the 1840s as ships' crew and so on made a nuisance of themselves once they were left to their own devices. This article shows the difference in the cultures of the Fijians and Europeans. THE FEEJEE SAVAGES THESE fiendish looking cannibals … [Read more...]

General information of the Feejee Islands, 1847

The Sydney Chronicle, an early Sydney newspaper, was published from 1846 to 1848. The following article about Fiji was published for the interest of readers. Despite the unusual spelling it gives a good picture of life at that time. THE FEEJEE ISLANDS.¬†We have been favoured with some general … [Read more...]

Gazetteer of Central Polynesia, 1857

A gazetteer of Central Polynesia was published in the Sydney Morning Herald over some months in 1857. Included were placenames in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. It can be seen that the spelling is not what we know today, so be mindful of this when you search. I have added the articles making up the … [Read more...]